A passion for the craft...

From our medal winning Shorty's Revenge to the ever popular Ditzy Blonde, we have an ale or lager to please any palate, from the casual sipper to the most distinguished beer authority. 


Questions or comments about our craft? Feel free to email our Head Brewer, justin@ejphair.con


Interested in purchasing a keg?

For a prices on our kegs, please call The brewery or Concord Alehouse


For wholesale pricing information, or to schedule a tasting for your restaurant or bar, please contact Bill Fulk 


Flagship Selections- ON TAP NOW!

Facepuncher IPA 6.6% ABV 59 IBU 

A classic West Coast IPA that has well balanced bitterness with refreshing hop aroma from Cascade, Chinook, and Centennial hops. 


Shorty's Revenge – Strong Amber Ale 7.75% ABV 36 IBU

A no-holds-barred English Strong Amber Ale. Huge malt body and caramel notes are balanced with subtle noble hop character.  Definitely a beer in a category of its’ own.


Ditzy - Blonde Ale 4.9% ABV 16 IBU

A light bodied and crisp ale fermented cool (by ale standards) to give it a lager like flavor.

Seasonal Selections- ON TAP NOW!


All Hail Pale Ale


Porch Party Lager

Cash & Gems Unfiltered IPA

Sassy Peach (Ditzy Blonde with Fresh Peaches!!)



Additionally, we enjoy offering weekly selections of local & independent GUEST breweries,  barrel aged beers, infused flavors into flagship favorites, and limited time specialty releases.  Please visit our Pittsburg Pizzeria & Taproom, Concord Alehouse or Alamo Pub to see what limited release beers are available today!