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We care about craft beer education!

Many of our Staff members are Certified Beer Servers & Certified Cicerones through the -->

JJ Phair

Title: Owner, President

Hails from: Alamo, CA

Becky Wynn

Title: Co-Owner, Vice President, Queen Bee

Hails from: St. Louis, Missouri

Becky is the heart and soul of the operations here at EJ Phair. She lives and breathes beer! Her knowledge and passion is admired by so many. She will drink  and appreciate all styles, but really loves a solid west coast IPA. (Citra and Simcoe are not her favorite hops) Becky has traveled near and far to drink some of the best beer in the world. 

Teresa Whisenhunt

Title: Operations Manager, Co-Owner, Beer Princess

Hails from: Walnut Creek, CA

Teresa has been working in the beer industry since she was 18! starting as a host at EJ Phair in 2008. She then continued her beer journey to Sierra Nevada, Drake's Brewing Company, The Hop Grenade, OL Beer Cafe, and landed again at EJ Phair in 2018. Teresa is a Certified Cicerone, and has a huge passion for everything craft beer! She has taught numerous craft beer education classes and seminars, amongst studying all about craft beer. 

IMG_6798 2.jpg
Laura Nichol

Title: Bartender/Manager

Hails from: San Mateo, CA

Not only is Ms. Nichol the screamer of a world touring metal band, this rad chick is also extremely knowledgeable in the craft beer category. She has been bartending around the Bay Area and Santa Cruz for 10 years...&  beer being her drink of choice! 

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