Alamo TOGO Menu! Starting Friday May 22nd. Hours are 12-7pm Wednesday through Sunday! Closed Monday and Tuesday. Please press the pink button below to order or call (925)208-2101

(Please keep in mind that we are running with fewer staff and this is our first attempt at strictly togo & online ordering. We will be trying our best! So if things are not perfect, please understand and bear with us.) 

Out List:

Lawrence's Steak Sandwich


Due to new and ever changing ABC laws, we can only fill EJ PHAIR GROWLERS because we have to exchange the growler for a new one every time. So, if you come in and want a growler and a fill we will provide a new clean growler filled with a beer for $19. After that, if you want a refill you have to bring in the SAME EJ Phair growler and we will take that one and exchange it with another new, clean one for $13.